My Thanks to Mr. Clavel

I spent some time working on this backburner project over my Christmas vacation. It’s nowhere near finished, but it functions, so I thought I’d share what I have.

This robot arm configuration is called a Clavel Delta Arm and where you might think of a typical robot arm composed of a series of links, this is a parallel design. Well, strictly speaking, my robot arm is missing the parallelogram lower links that are a key feature of the Reymond Clavel design, but that’s a future improvement and I’ll get there.

My goal for this project is to develop the mechanics and controls to make this arm functional. I’ll be adding the parallelogram lower links and developing the kinematic equations so I can drive this arm by cartesian (x, y, and z position) or cylindrical (r, theta, and z position) coordinates.

That was my project day!

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